Dostarczamy rozwiązania do lutowania indukcyjnego zaprojektowane ściśle pod wymogi klienta. Zapewniamy wsparcie od koncepcji po realizację oraz wsparcie w produkcji.

Contactless and clean process

Non-contact soldering uses heat application without direct contact between the soldering tool and components, which greatly reduces the likelihood of leaving residues on components or circuit boards. What’s more, since there is no physical contact, there is no need to clean or replace the soldering tool, extending machine uptime.

Realtime temperature measurements

Precisely keeping up with the actual temperature of a defined soldering profile is key to ensuring a high-quality product. Our system measures the temperature up to 500 times per second, keeping the soldering process under tight control.

High efficiency

Induction heating ensures short cycle times by rapidly and efficiently transferring heat directly to the workpiece. Its high-speed heating capabilities enable quick and precise temperature control, resulting in faster production cycles and increased productivity.

High repeatability

High repeatability ensures stable and predictable outcomes, reducing variations and defects. It enables tighter quality control, efficient troubleshooting, and streamlined production.

Precise control of a temperature profile

Precision control of soldering temperature profile preventing overheating or underheating of components. This leads to high soldering quality, reduced defects, improved process control, and enhanced reliability of soldered joints, ultimately resulting in higher-quality finished products.

Soldering of a non standard components

Indcution soldering is used successfully in non standard components: wire and cable assembling, RF connectors, heat sinks, sensors, switches high power application etc.

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