Our vision systems are designed to improve product quality. With repeatability, accuracy and reliability, they are an invaluable tool in the pursuit of manufacturing excellence.

Defects detection

The main task of a vision system is to detect defects in products. Vision systems can check complex product features and characteristics, such as dimensions, scratches, prints and many more. A vision system will help improve productivity, reduce waste and increase production efficiency.



One of the key advantages of the vision system is its ability to provide accurate measurements, even to hundredths of a millimeter. Through the use of optimized algorithms, it can perform up to a dozen inspections per second, reproducibly throughout its operation.


Process control

Our vision inspection system is able to provide valuable data and analytics about your manufacturing processes. By collecting data on production metrics such as yield, scrap rate, and defect rates, our system enables you to make data-driven decisions to improve your manufacturing process and reduce costs.


Realtime data

Our system can also be integrated into your existing manufacturing process, making it a seamless addition to your workflow. This allows for real-time monitoring and adjustment of the production line, ensuring that any issues are quickly identified and addressed.



The data collected by the vision system can be used for statistical analysis of the process. Implementing Lean Six Sigma methodology into the production process will improve its efficiency, reduce waste and, most importantly, provide an in-depth understanding of the impact of external factors on the product.


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