Keyence Laser Sensor System For Components Placement Verification

Process improvement with Keyence IX-360W sensors

The challenge: components placement validation

In the fast-paced world of automotive production, precision is not just a standard – it’s a necessity. Our client, a global leader in radar antenna manufacturing, faced a critical challenge in their production process – ensuring the flawless placement of components on carriers before entering the deburring machine. Any tilt in these components could spell failure of the deburring machine, leading to extensive downtime, substantial repair costs, and a potential impact on customer satisfaction and delivery timelines.

The solutions: Keyence IX-360W Laser Sensor System

To tackle this challenge head-on, we turned to the cutting-edge technology provided by Keyence – a state-of-the-art laser sensor system designed specifically for height measurements. The implementation of this innovative solution not only solved the problems of component tilting, but also opened up new opportunities for product quality validation.

The obstacle: Carriers dimension differences

One of the primary hurdles our client faced was the low repeatability of carriers’ dimensions, directly impacting the measurements and stability of the system. We developed and implemented an advanced algorithm to properly validate components even in the face of the challenging low repeatability of carrier dimensions.

The implementation: Seamlessly Integrating Keyence for Unmatched Precision

The success story unfolded as the Keyence laser sensor system showcased its unparalleled versatility, working seamlessly with different sizes and quantities of components. This adaptability not only streamlined the production process but also enhanced overall productivity, positioning our client as an industry trailblazer in radar antenna manufacturing.

Interface: Improving User Friendliness and User Experience

The user interface of the system emerged as a pivotal feature. With an intuitively designed and user-friendly interface, the system provided real-time feedback through vivid pictures, clearly indicating which components were tilted. This empowered operators to swiftly identify and rectify any misalignments, preventing potential issues before they could escalate. Furthermore, the system’s capability to store historical data and pictures in an easily accessible manner facilitated efficient analysis and troubleshooting, further reducing downtime.

The benefits: Reducing Downtime, Enhancing Satisfaction

The implementation of the Keyence laser sensor system had far-reaching benefits. Not only did it ensure the precise placement of components, mitigating the risk of damage to the cleaning machine and subsequent operational disruptions, but it also led to a significant reduction in repair costs. This, in turn, translated to minimized downtime and ensured timely deliveries, ultimately bolstering customer satisfaction.

The conclusion: 

In conclusion, the success story of our client’s integration of the Keyence laser sensor system exemplifies the transformative impact of cutting-edge technology in automotive manufacturing. By conquering challenges associated with low repeatability and introducing unparalleled adaptability and user-friendliness, the system has not only enhanced precision but also solidified our client’s position as the go-to leader in radar antenna production, setting new standards for quality assurance in the automotive industry.

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